Positive Affirmations Lead to Positive Thoughts

Positive Affirmations.

A positive affirmation is a positive suggestion you repeat to yourself until it is your new way of perceiving.  This is how to meditate on affirmations.  Out of every ten repetitions one positive affirmation will make it through to your subconscious.  Many more times and the subconscious assigns a new emotion and thoughts to it, much like Google does (minus the emotions).

Positive Thoughts.

How many Positive Thoughts can you handle? It’s boundless. More Confidence? More Money? The more you repeat affirmations the more your subconscious sees cues in your physical environment to give you a ‘gut instinct’ to follow.  Ever walking down the street and you got whip lash because you thought someone was calling your name?  Out of all the cars and people and noises and distractions your subconscious was able to identify your name.  That’s why you need to feed your mind regularly with healthy thoughts, so, when it receives the desired ‘cue’ you will follow your gut to your happiness.

Let’s Set A One Week Positive Affirmations Routine For You Right NOW.

20 Affirmations for Positive Thinking in Five Minutes.  First thing in the morning put in your head phones while you are having your coffee and listen to this video.  It’s not a lot of time or effort, so, come on, you can give five minutes to yourself that sets you up for the whole day.  Have way through the day, particularly if it is a hard one, do it again.  It’s worth the effort as the positive effects is accumulative and permanent!

Excellent!!  Go forth and be happy.

What Next?

Second part is just before you go to sleep.

Healing Meditation Increase Intelligence as You Sleep.

Healing Meditation Increase Intelligence as you sleep works due to binaural beats alpha waves set at 11.5Hz to 14.0Hz.  Oh Know! Have I lost you!? Hold on let me explain. Scientists have proven that binaural waves, isochronic tones, pink noise, white noise etc synchronizes your brain according to the type of frequency you listen to.  This type (11.5hz to 14.0hz) has proven to increase intelligence, creativity and cognitive processing (a mongst many other excellent benefits).  With prolonged listening (binaural beats does require head phones – isochronic does not, however, isochronic tones are very hard to listen to) you will find old recurring problems are  not such a problem after all.  Day to day living is easier because your brainwave frequency is higher, thus, less prone to ‘FEEL’ stressed.  Binaural Beats is listened to dichotically (varying wow wow wow sounds  in each ear) forcing YOUR brain to find the differential.  The end result is your brain actually manufactures a third frequency to ‘sync’ with what it is listening to, thus, aligning you to the benefits of the brain wave frequency of enhanced creativity and intelligence.

I have so much more I could offer you and if you really do want to have peace please just book mark and come regularly and follow instructions above and many suggestions to come.  It really does work!! We all know about pain and mental suffering, more than we’d even let on to others, but this NEED NOT BE!!  I am no Scholar but only wish to extend the light of my peace to you.

Leave a comment for future video suggestions you would like to see according to your needs and please share to get this out there.  Thank you for stopping by and remember I will be adding A LOT of content very soon.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

All the best and keep to your morning and evening routine.  The effects are accumulative and permanent.

Bonus Tip Thought:-  Try, only try, not to place any ‘GOOD’ or ‘BAD’ judgment’s on anyone or situation or thing you see for one day.  You be amazed how peaceful you are without your mind automatically deciding on this issue for you.  Tell me your experience.

(All things are neutral except in your mind = Genesis of Emotional Conflict).

Beep beep boop…..more coming soon…beep beep boop……

Healing Meditation Sleep Hypnotist Positive Guided YouTube Video – 3 Hours – Binaural Beats 528hz.

The first 47 minutes is hypnotist guided for clearing negative thoughts and the rest of the video is binaural beats.  I have used this many times and highly recommend this for changing one’s mindset in daily life  Wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

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